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Our Story

One wave of solidarity.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. We socially distanced, stayed in the safety of our homes and protected ourselves. Not everyone had this privilege. On the European borders, camps like Moria on Lesvos were overcrowded - over 20 thousand people on-the-move exposed to the virus, trapped in inhumane conditions, and only few seemed to ‘care’.

We started this initiative because we wanted to send a message of solidarity to those trapped in Moria camp, at first, by making and collecting home-made masks. People from all across the continent contributed, from highschool students in Germany, firefighters in Barcelona and grandmothers in Italy. However, it became clear to us that, while our work was a nice gesture, gestures were not enough. Human rights were broken on a daily basis and the failure of our politics was unacceptable.

Therefore, in 2021, we launched our first field project on Lesvos to directly support the community. We were running an NFI program including clothing and hygiene distributions for the camp residents. From our Frankfurt Hub, we sent hundreds of trucks with humanitarian aid to Lesvos, Northern France, the Balkans and Ukraine.

In March 2022,  we stepped in to rescue a community center on the island, today known as Paréa Lesvos. A safe space for people on the move and a home for another 11 partner organizations, Paréa offers a wide range of free and professional services including basic need provision, education, legal and psychosocial support for women, men and children. While providing direct support to the community, Europe Cares is also committed to call out the human rights abuses on the European external borders and mobilize European society to stand in solidarity with people on the move


Our Mission

Solidarity in action. Every day.

Europe Cares is a young and growing humanitarian organization. We support people on-the-move and stand up for human rights on the European borders. Human rights violations have become the 'new normal' on the European external borders. However, all across Europe there are people who care and do not want to accept this status quo. Together, we want to put solidarity in action by building a community of people who stand in solidarity.


There are many ways to join our community, by volunteering with us, by becoming a donor, or by following and sharing our content on social media. In fact, our mission is not only to provide professional humanitarian aid through our field projects, but also to raise awareness in our countries about the struggles undergone by forcibly displaced people due to the inhumane European migration policy. 

On Lesvos, EC operates the Paréa Lesvos Community CenterIn and with Paréa, we want to provide professional humanitarian aid to people on the move, and empower individuals and other partner organizations to do the same.  Paréa is one of our ways to fight against the status quo. Here, we initiate a wave of solidarity that the members of our community will bring back to their countries and propagate within their family, community and society. 

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Our Vision

We won't stop until Europe cares.

We believe in the power of collective action: by joining forces European citizens can fight against the increasingly criminalizing discourse and attitudes towards migrants and refugees. Together, we can change the narrative, practice positive actions, and build a European society that cares. 


Will you join us?

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