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About us.

We will not stop until Europe cares.

Together, we aim to mobilize the civil society in Europe and stand in solidarity with people on the move.

Our story

From a grassroots initiative to a humanitarian organization.

The story of Europe Cares began when the global pandemic in 2020 put the world to a halt. As a small initiative of humanitarian activists across Europe, we wanted to show that people in Moria Camp on Lesvos were not forgotten - by collecting and sending humanitarian aid and critical supplies.


Since then, we have become a humanitarian organization with the mission to support people on the move and stand up for human rights on the European borders. 


(C) Hannes P. Albert

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trucks of humanitarian aid sent to the European external borders, including Greece, Bosnia, Northern France and Ukraine.

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visits of people on the move in

our community center in Greece,

Paréa Lesvos.

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volunteers engaged since 2020

in our projects to provide humanitarian aid and 

field work

Our impact

Our team

A young and diverse team of humanitarian professionals.

Our organization consists of a voluntary board of directors, a professional staff in the local team on Lesvos and in the central team in Germany, and many engaged volunteers from all over the world. Together, we are committed to making solidarity in action possible every day. 

Silvia Lucibello

Executive Director

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Julian Gemmer


Salomé Morand

Project Coordinator

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Nele Kettrup

Fundraising Coordinator

Lennard Everwien


Arno Tanner 

Board Member

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Ali Hamidian

Volunteer Coordinator

Annalisa BW (1).jpg
Annalisa Iotti

Communications Coordinator

Foto Tia Paréa.JPEG
Tiara Mengel


Angeliki Kokka

Field Coordinator

Veronika Kreysch

Program Officer


Emotional Support Officer

Our supporters

Our close partnerships make our work possible.

We are funded exclusively by private donations and the support of our partners. We are thankful for the trust and work every day to live up to this responsibility. We adhere to the principles of transparency and regularly publish reports on our work and impact. 

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... and many more!

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