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Join us.

You can make a difference for people on the move. Put your solidarity in action and join us as a volunteer at Paréa Lesvos or remotely.


Our Volunteer Program

We only exist because hundreds of people dedicated their time and energy to support people on the move.

Volunteers are a key to our work - no matter if on the ground at Paréa Lesvos or remotely from anywhere in the Central Team. You can take on roles of responsibility, bring in new ideas and develop new skills. If you would like to join us, check out the open positions below and fill in the application form - we will reach out to you within the next couple days.

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Become part of our Paréa community.

Paréa Lesvos is our community center located within walking distance from the refugee camp on Lesvos. The center offers a safe space where residents of the camp, locals, international people can meet freely to spend time in a peaceful environment with a cafeteria with free drinks and daily lunch, psychosocial activities in the Women Space and Paréa Club, computer classes and a lot more. With over 10 partner NGOs in the center, Paréa is a place where civil society comes together as one community in solidarity.

We are looking for motivated volunteers that help us make our center a welcoming place for our visitors and the other partner organizations.

Please note that our team is at full capacity until mid September 2024.

Lesvos, Greece

Depending on availability

Mo - Fri; 9:15h - 16:00h

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Min. 7-8 weeks

This is how it works


You fill out the application form

You can find the application form below. Make sure to check the requirements above.


We contact you for an interview

If you fulfill the requirements, we will get to know you in a brief interview.


Join us at Paréa Lesvos

We will provide you with all the necessary information to make your arrival as smooth as possible. 


Support our work after your stay

We will offer you many ways to stay engaged, spread the word and support our team.

Support us from home

Wherever you may be - there is a way to support our mission.

Our Central Team works in the backstage to support the Local Team on Lesvos. We're based in Frankfurt and focus on communications, fundraising & events. If you have some hours available every week and would like to join us, check out the open positions below and fill in the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

From September 2024

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Minimum 12 weeks

Remote/ Frankfurt am Main

6-10 Hours per Week

We're looking for volunteers, available for at least 6h a week for 12 weeks, either remotely or based in Frankfurt, to support  with fundraising, communications or events planning. You may read more details in the following sections and apply at the link below.

If you are based  in Frankfurt and cannot commit for many weeks, but want to occasionally support us with smaller tasks, contact us at

If you're interested in an internship, check our vacancies for open positions.

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